Production Guidelines

With any production from Realeye Films we consider carefully the narrative, sub narrative and subject before using any of our wide range of video story telling techniques.


What you should consider before approaching us is what is your message you would like to put across in a video? 


By simply understanding a few basics of the story you would like to tell, with the techniques that can make your story really stand out. 


  1. What is your subject?

  2. Who is your audience?

  3. What platform you are employing to publicize your video?  

  4. How would you like to inform the viewer?

  5. Will your story take your audience on a journey?



The techniques we can employ to best make your video stand out is: -


  • Consultation & Creative advice.

  • Scripting.

  • Storyboarding (if Required).

  • Full production planning & execution.

  • Efficient organization and creative filming techniques.

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