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About Realeye

We are a small boutique production house based in the United Arab Emirates.  Partnering with some of the most prestigious and successful international marketing & film agencies. 


Content is our calling card, from creating original ideas around your brand, scripting relative content to making sure your production runs smoothly, efficiently with the final product meeting above your expectations.


No matter how long or short your video should always tell a story with start middle and end. Making sure the narrative has an effect on the audience. 


As a small company, we utilize the best of creative talents to provide our client's 

Paul with over 20yrs experience has directed music videos, short films, and documentaries.  BBC trained film graduate. Paul has learned his craft from leading Producers & Directors across the globe.


With over 8yrs experience in the middle east and Africa, he relishes the challenge in providing a professional creative service to clients.  Overseeing all aspects of a creativity, shoot and making sure the productions run smoothly and getting the best creativity from the talent on set. 


Paul works tirelessly to make sure the content is original and tells a story.   He says ' Look it does not matter what the product, service or event is,  there needs to be a story.  With a start middle and end,". 


PAUL McConkey


Adrian with over 20yrs of experience in the entertainment industry.  Brings complete talent to the technical and creative aspects to any type of production.  


Amazingly talented Adrian has overcome the most complex technical problems with practicality, ingenuity and experienced know how.  


Not one to shy away from any challenge Adrian is a seasoned performer and brilliant editor. 

Technical Director 


Alan with over 35yrs in the entertainment industry brings true experience and professional wisdom to any type of production.


In 1996 as the musical director of the extremely successful tv show ' Star in your Eyes'.  Alan extended his knowledge of productions from stage to live broadcast.  


He followed up this success as a musical director on the top tv comedy show Reeves and Mortimer's 'Shooting Stars'.  taking the famous production live on tour. 


More recently his success has flourished with an eye for detail plus the extensive industry experience and contacts.  Working on major TVC's, Tv Series, Training & Corporate videos.  


With Alan's extensive list of famous industry contacts, Alan has been able to organize a live performance by Kyle Mongue & Kelly Roland within 1 week for IATA.  


He has immense pride in every aspect and detail of his work. From the stages of planning, production, shooting, editing, graphics as well as effects, nothing is released to a client until it has passed his seal of quality.   

Executive Producer


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